Graduate Stipends

For EEB graduate students the base income is approx. $30,000/year ($21,000 for rent, living expenses, etc. and approx. $9000 for tuition and other fees). These base income rates are guaranteed for 16 months for MSc students, for five years for PhD students without an MSc degree, and for four years for PhD students with an MSc degree.  To receive this base income, graduate students are expected to work as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for only 140 hours per year, which is a very low teaching load by North American standards.

Many of our students receive higher incomes than the “base income” described above by virtue of receiving University, provincial, federal or international scholarships. For example, a second year PhD student awarded an NSERC PGS-D award will receive approximately $26,000 (after tuition) and will have their TA load reduced by 50%.  If that student had a NSERC CGS-D award, they would receive approximately $32,000 with a 50% reduction in their TA load.