Registration & Tuition Fees

Students must register and pay fees at the beginning of each academic year. Registration must be completed before you attend classes or otherwise make use of university facilities. 

The deadline for registration is mid-September (see the EEB Grad Handbook for the specific date). If you register after the final date to register, you will be required to show proof of payment and register at SGS. If you register after the final date to register without financial penalty, you are required to pay a late registration fee of $44.00. Please complete the online late registration form and online payment here. Once completed, SGS will change your ACORN status to “INVITed,” which will allow you to register.

Student Accounts has revised the registration invoice process and they will no longer be mailing paper invoices to students. You can view instructions on ACORN, view your account on ACORN and then make payment (also see the email sent by the EEB Graduate Office that includes in the subject line: Important Information). Students who are in the FAS funded cohort (MSc: in their first year; PhD: 1-4 years; direct entry or PhD transferred from MSc: 1-5 years) may request registration without payment (by deferring their fees until April 30) online. Students who are out of the funded cohort should contact the EEB Grad Office for the simple form to fill in to defer their fees.

Fee schedules are available at Graduate students may apply for affiliation with either the U of T Mississauga or U of T Scarborough campus if they meet specific criteria. Fees paid by doctoral students in the final year of their program are pro-rated and based on the 12-month academic year. These fees are based on the date the thesis is submitted to the School of Graduate Studies, not the date of the thesis defense. PhD students who submit their final thesis with all corrections and modifications by September 15 do not pay fees for the September session but after this date a charge applies for each month in which degree requirements are not completed by the 15th of the month.   For a table of monthly charges, contact the EEB Grad Office: Students whose time limit for degree completion has expired but wish to return (for a maximum of 12 months) to defend a thesis are required to be reinstated and pay a reinstatement fee. For further information contact the EEB Graduate Administrator