Highlighted Sept 2012

University Professor Marla Sokolowski
has moved to St George Campus U of T

Marla is a world leading researcher who studies gene-environment interplay on behaviour in fruit flies. Her lab discovered the foraging gene which influences naturally occurring behavioural variation including the rover/sitter polymorphism. This gene plays a role in behaviour in many other organisms including social insects. Her group is interested in the mechanistic and evolutionary basis of this genetic polymorphism.

Professor Sokolowski has been awarded many honours (University Professor University of Toronto; Canada Research Chair, Fellow of the Royal Society Canada; Co Director of the Experience Based Brain and Biological Development Programme;  Director of the Life Sciences: Division of the Academy of Science Royal Society of Canada) and recently Academic Director Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development, University of Toronto.  The launch of the Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development will be marked by the Connaught Global Challenge International Symposium.

Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development

Investing in Mothers and Children: Developmental Trajectories, Health, Learning and Society

September 27-29, 2012 | MaRS Discovery District, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A transdisciplinary exploration of research, education and knowledge mobilization
strategies to enhance lifelong health, learning and social functioning through
optimization of human development in the first 2000 days of life.
For more information, visit: www.investinginmothersandchildren.ca

Hosted by The Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development, U of T