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Posted: November 9, 2017

TheDepartment of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Torontoinvites applications for a Departmental Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Areaof Research: Ecology and/or Evolution, broadly defined.

Description of duties: The Fellowwill collaborate with the advisor(s) on research that is mutually agreed uponby all parties and the Fellow will publish the results in scientific journals.  The Fellow will be a fully participatingmember in the Department. The Fellow may be asked to organize a workshop forgraduate students, postdocs and faculty.

Salary: $40,500/year

Pleasenote that should the minimum rates stipulated in the collective agreement fallbelow the rates stated in this posting, the minimum rates stated in thecollective agreement shall prevail.

Required qualifications: Applicants must have a PhDin ecology and/or evolution or a related area of study, and field-specificqualifications as set by the faculty advisor(s).


Application Instructions

All individuals interestedin this position must first contact and obtain the agreement of a faculty advisor (or co-advisors); full-time faculty members at the St. George(downtown) campus of the University of Toronto are eligible to serve asadvisors (see the table at the bottom of this page for a list of potentialsupervisors). Afterwards, applicants must submit a cover letter clearlyindicating the proposed faculty advisor(s) andthe date that they will be available to begin the position, a curriculum vitae,copies of 2 publications, and a short (1-3 pages) description of past researchaccomplishments and future research plans. Applicants should include names ande-mail addresses for two potential referees. All application materials must besubmitted as PDF(s) in a single email to: Elizabeth Rentzelos by the closingdate.


Closing date: December 10, 2017  

Supervisor:Member(s)of the EEB faculty (St. George campus) who has/have agreed to contribute to thesalary of this postdoctoral fellow and to cover his/her/hisresearch expenses.

Expected start date: As early as Feb 1, 2018 and nolater than Sept 1, 2018

Term: 12 months with the potential for a second, renewedterm, assuming suitable progress.

FTE:   100%

The normal hours of workare 40 hours per week for a full-time postdoctoral fellow (pro-rated for thoseholding a partial appointment) recognizing that the needs of the employee’sresearch and training and the needs of the supervisor’s research program mayrequire flexibility in the performance of the employee’s duties and hours ofwork.

TheUniversity of Toronto is a leading academic institution in Canada with over 60faculty members specializing in ecology and evolution. Strong links existbetween the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the RoyalOntario Museum, the Centre for Global Change, and the School of the Environment.The University owns a nearby field station dedicated to ecological andevolutionary research (the Koffler Scientific Reserve, ). The department also has a partnership with the Ontario Ministry ofNatural Resources that helps provide access to infrastructure, including labfacilities in Algonquin Provincial Park ( ),funding, and long-term data sets. Genomic analyses are supported by a numberof high-performance computing resources, multi-lab bioinformaticians, as wellas staff at the Centre for the Analysis of Genome Evolution and Function.

Employmentas a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto is covered by the termsof the CUPE 3902 Unit 5 Collective Agreement.

Thisjob is posted in accordance with the CUPE 3902 Unit 5 Collective Agreement.

The University of Torontois strongly committed to diversity within its community and especially welcomesapplications from racialized persons / persons of colour, women, Indigenous /Aboriginal People of North America, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ persons,and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas.

List of Potential EEBPost-doctoral Advisors

Aneil Agrawal                                              Luke Mahler                                      
SpencerBarrett                                               Nicole Mideo
Belinda Chang                                                Chelsea Rochman

Asher Cutter                                                   Helen Rodd
Hélène Cyr                                                      Njal Rollinson                        

Marie-Josée Fortin                                          Locke Rowe

Megan Frederickson                                       Tammy Sage  

Benjamin Gilbert                                            MarlaSokolowski

Don Jackson                                                    JohnStinchcombe

Martin Krkosek                                               Art Weis

                                                                        Stephen Wright