CUPE 3902 Unit 1

The Collective Agreement with CUPE 3902 Unit 1 sets the employment conditions for University of Toronto students and post doctoral fellows working as teaching assistants, markers, graders and sole responsibility instructors.

TA Posting - 2019-20: Lead Writing TA (closes on May 27, 2019)

In order to officially apply please log onto the following website using your UTORid and existing password.

Steps after logging in

1. On the home page (or on thetop menu bar) select ‘Applications’

2. On the next page, Applications & Responses to Offers, select ‘Summer 2019 – Course Development’

3. Enter your personal, current status and current program information

4. Courses with available hours are listed under Course Preferences. Select (P) ALL courses you prefer

to TA in. Also, make sure to select (P) the acknowledgement statement.

5. In the second Course Preference section, state your preference of hours and courses according to

the instructions.

6. Answer remaining questions.

7. Click the Save button to submit your application.

8. You will be directed back to the Applications & Responses to Offers page and should see a

highlighted(in blue) message that indicates, “Your application has been submitted”.

TA Assignments

Upcoming Posting Timelines

If any TA positions are unfilled or added due to enrolment changes, EEB will use the following tentative timelines for emergency postings.

Please check back


Please refer to the following general instructions for the online TAship system,                                            • Applying for TA Positions      


These TA and Course Instructor positions are also posted on the CUPE online posting board ( This posting contains detailed information about each position, including duties and days/times courses are offered. You can search by course but must be specific (e.g. EEB323 search would have no result, EEB323H1F would turn up the result. If you put "ecology" in the search bar all positions in EEB would be the result. 

EEB Statement of TA Hiring Policy