About Us

The Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB) is one of the largest departments of its kind in North America, with internationally renowned and award-winning faculty. We engage in research and scholarship in diverse sub-disciplines within ecology and evolutionary biology. We offer several undergraduate programs and over 60 courses, including independent projects, fourth-year seminars, and field courses. Graduate students can enroll in both MSc and PhD programs and study with graduate program faculty on the St. George, Mississauga and Scarborough campuses of the University, and at the Royal Ontario Museum.

The pressing challenges facing society today—combating global climate change, saving rare and endangered species, managing exploited resources, slowing the spread of infectious disease, comprehending the variation present in the human genome—have their root in ecological and evolutionary forces. Our ability as scientists, educators, and citizens to provide the necessary context, expertise, and guidance on these issues is the central challenge facing our disciplines. EEB at University of Toronto is and will remain a world leader in discovery, innovation and teaching in this science.

Successful science combines both “curiosity-driven” and “solution-driven” research, and EEB has practitioners of both. Rather than spread their efforts thinly, we have chosen to coalesce around four strategic research foci: evolutionary genetics and genomics, quantitative ecology, and reproductive systems biology, and a fourth in systematics, centred on EEB faculty at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Ecologists and evolutionists address the central questions of the origin, maintenance and organization of biodiversity.  We teach, study and consult on all aspects of earth’s organismal diversity, from genome to ecosystem, encompassing the range of plant, animal and microbial species. In EEB we are charged with understanding this diversity, at a time of global change, habitat loss, and the emergence of novel diseases, and our research informs, among other things, conservation decisions, the management of natural resources, and the management of infectious disease.

Our goal is to continue building on our excellence in teaching, discovery and innovation in the basic sciences of ecology and evolution, developing the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology as the top research and training program in Canada, indeed among the best in the world, and to take advantage of opportunities for interdisciplinary synergies within and outside the University. EEB faculty are already among the best in Canada, having achieved an international reputation for excellence in both research and teaching. Our goal, therefore, is more than just a hope for the future. It is within our grasp.