Student Services

Accessibility Services

The mission of Accessibility Services (St. George Campus) is to facilitate the inclusion of students with disabilities into all aspects of university life. The focus is on skills development, especially in the areas of self-advocacy and academic skills. Services are provided to students with a documented disability, be it physical, sensory, a learning disability or a mental health condition, temporary or long-term. For more information, please see the following link: Accessibility Services

Centre for International Experience

Welcome to the new Centre for International Experience. The Centre merges the former International Student Centre (ISC) and International Student Exchange Office (ISXO), creating an innovative space that focuses on enhancing your international experience.
    The Centre will continue to offer you quality programs and services. If you are an international student, it can help to make your adjustment to the University of Toronto easier. If you are a U of T student looking to go abroad, it will continue to offer a range of international opportunities and provide support to help you along your journey. For more information, please see the following link: Centre for International Experience (CIE)  

First-Year Learning Communities (FLCs)

The First-Year Learning Communities (FLCs) program in the Faculty of Arts and Science is designed to improve the transitional experience for first-year students.
    FLCs (pronounced "flicks") provide first-year students with the opportunity to meet classmates, develop friendships, form study groups, and develop academic and personal skills, as well as introduce you to the resources, opportunities, culture, and treasures of the campus and its surrounding community.
    The 24 students in each FLC, who will be enrolled in the same core courses, will meet regularly outside of class time for useful and fun activities. Each FLC group is facilitated by an upper-year student Peer Mentor and an Assistant Peer Mentor, under the guidance of a Staff Advisor (from the college, department, or program) and a Faculty Advisor; these four individuals are the FLC Team. The content of FLC meetings will address three broad transition areas: academic, developmental, and social.
    Some of the interesting and fun topics that may be covered in FLC meetings include: time management, study strategies, campus traditions and history, mastering tests and exams, choosing a program of study, and career explorations. There will also be recreational and social activities, and much more!

Health Service

The Health Service is committed to providing University of Toronto students with quality health care and health-related education, counselling and outreach. As a member of Student Services, Health Service collaborates with university partners as well as the general community. The Health Service provides services such as: annual examinations, immunizations and general health education. For a complete listing of all services offered and more information, please see the following link: U of T Health Service

Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers students short-term individual counselling/ psychotherapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, group therapy, workshops, and psychiatric medication services. The interprofessional team offers assessment, treatment and referrals for a wide range of emotional and psychological problems, including difficulties adjusting to university life, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, disturbances resulting from abuse and assault, prolonged stress, disordered eating, attention and concentration difficulties, phobias, and problems with sleep. For more information, please see the following link: CAPS