Field Courses

Field courses are a unique and important part of our undergraduate program!

EEB offers two or three field courses each year to such locations as the New World tropics, Algonquin Provincial Park, and at U of T’s Koffler Scientific Reserve located north of Toronto.

We also participate in the Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology (OUPFB) which allows U of T students to participate in field courses offered by over 12 other universities, to locations within Ontario and around two world.

Below is information about our field courses, the Ontario University Program in Field Biology, and a field course FAQ.

Please Note: The University's Grading Practices Policy states that some graded work be returned before the date to cancel a course without academic penalty. Please be aware that this is not practical for a two-week field course. 

Application Information:

For EEB405H or EEB410H field courses please complete the Summer 2017 Field Course Application and submit it by e-mail to the EEB Undergraduate Office (

For EEB406H (OUPFB field courses) please complete the OUPFB Application found on the OUPFB website. This document must be submitted in person (EEB Undergraduate Office, ES3055B) with ONE deposit cheque of $350. Please ensure the cheque is made payable to "University of Toronto". Please ensure you only submit one cheque even if you list multiple OUPFB modules on the application.  Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 1, 2017.  We will continue to accept applications for EEB Field Courses Summer 2017 until all spaces are filled.

Field Courses - Summer 2017

EEB405H - Temperate Field Biology

EEB403H - Tropical Field Biology

  • Dates: Course is offered in alternate years. Next offered in Summer 2018
  • Location: Peru
  • Instructors: TBA
  • Course Description: TBA

EEB406H - Inter-University Field Course

  • The OUPFB Summer 2017 course list is now available. 
  • Participate in a 2-week field course offered by another Ontario university between May and August, and receive a U of T credit
  • Over 30 field courses are offered by the Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology; for more information read the paragraph below and also visit the OUPFB website
  • Please just submit one (1) deposit cheque (made payable to "University of Toronto") with your OUPFB application, even if you list more than one module. 

EEB407H - Alpine Ecosystems

  • This course is offered occasionally and the date when it will next be offered has not been determined.

EEB410H - Lake Ecosystem Dynamics

  • Dates: August 21 - September 1, 2017
  • Location: Harkness Fisheries Research Laboratories, Algonquin Park, ON
  • Instructors: Helene Cyr
  • Course Description


Also see Field School of Biology web site for Photos, FAQ's...

    Ontario University Program in Field Biology


    U of T participates in a province-wide field course program -- Ontario University Program in Field Biology (OUPFB) -- which allows U of T students to take field courses offered by 13 other universities in Ontario without having to apply for transfer credit. See the OUPFB website for more information. The deadline to submit an OUPFB application and deposit cheque for a 2017 OUPFB course is Feb. 1st. Applications are to be submitted to the EEB Undergraduate Office (25 Willcocks St. Earth Science Centre, Room 3055B). However, OUPFB applications will still be accepted after the deadline provided there is space available in the course. Please contact the EEB Undergraduate office ( for more information.

    Please Note: The University's Grading Practices Policy states that some graded work be returned before the date to cancel a course without academic penalty. Please be aware that this is not practical for a two-week field course.

    New to OUPFB: Students who drop a field course should not expect a refund of any field course costs. Students are encouraged to purchase cancellation insurance if airline tickets are required.

      Field Course FAQ


      Q: What is a Field Course?

      Field courses are university credit courses that take place away from the university campus usually at a research station in a rural or wilderness location. Most field courses have a very small class size (usually 20 students or less), so they provide an opportunity for students to interact closely with the course instructor(s), and to collaborate with other students who share the same interests.

      Q: How do I apply/register?

      Application: Students who wish to take a University of Toronto EEB field course must complete the U of T Field Course Application and submit it (via email) to the EEB Undergraduate Office.

      Email your completed application to by the state deadline.

      Priority for spaces is given to applications received by the deadline.

      This application period is not first come, first served. Students will be accepted into courses based on the requirements of their program and their academic preparation. Students must ensure that they have the prerequisites for the course(s) they are requesting. Successful applicants will be contacted by e-mail.

      Applications will continue to be accepted until a course is full. If you are still interested in a field course that is full you will be put on a waiting list. If an opening occurs, we will contact you.

      U of T students who wish to take one of the Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology (OUPFB) course should apply via the department coordinators on their respective U of T campus (see below for contact information). The OUPFB application form can be found online from the OUPFB website.


      Students do not enrol for field courses on ROSI. Students are added to field courses by the EEB Undergraduate Office at the beginning of the session in which the field course is offered.

      Going through the application process does not automatically register you in the course.Students who successfully apply for an EEB field course offered through the St. George campus will be registered by the EEB Undergraduate Office. Details will be provided (such as deadlines for deposit payments) in the email of offer you will be sent.

      Students who take field courses in the summer should be aware that often grades cannot be processed during that session. For example, if you take a field course in August and are registered in the Summer session, grades may not be available to post on ROSI until the end of the Fall session. If this is a concern for you (such as, you are looking to convocate in November) please contact the

      St. George students who take a two-week field course offered by OUPFB will be registered under the U of T course code EEB406H0/1.

      After you have been added to a field course on ROSI, you will be charged tuition for a 0.5 FCE course if you are still paying tutition Per Course. If you do not pay the required amount of summer session tuition by the deadline, you will not be registered, you risk being removed from the course and not receiving a final grade.

      For those students who are paying the Program tuition fee, you are exempt from paying summer tuition; but the field course must count towards your program.

      Q: How much does it cost?

      The cost for field courses will vary depending on the location of the course. In the past, field course prices have ranged from $600 to a few thousand dollars.

      All field courses will have a cost for room and board. Some field courses will have a cost for travel, while others will expect you to get to the destination on your own. This will be stated clearly in the course description (PDFs posted on either our website or the OUPFB website, depending on the course you are interested in).

      A deposit may be required by a specified deadline -- deadlines will be given in the email of offer. For example, U of T students must pay their course deposit (to take an EEB field course) to the EEB department. Make your cheque payable to “University of Toronto” and include on the cheque the course number, your name, and your student number.

      If you plan to take an OUPFB field course, a deposit cheque of $350 is due with your application form. If you are accepted, the cheque will be cashed immediately.

      Again, remember, the field course fee is for room and board -- it does not cover your tuition (if applicable). If you pay tuition per course, you will be billed for tuition once you have been added to the course(s). If you pay tuition as a flat program fee, you are not required to pay tuition if the course counts towards satisfyinfg a requirement for your program.

      Q: Is financial aid available?

      The University of Toronto offers grants to assist students with unmet need with respect to their educational expenses. Requiring financial assistance to help cover the cost of travel and the course fee associated with taking a field course does qualify as reasons to apply for a grant. Grants for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Science are administered by the colleges. Contact your college registrar's office to obtain information on how to apply. An application is required where you present a budget and a personal statement. It is expected that prior to applying for a grant, students will have explored all sources of funding (e.g., OSAP or other government assistance, lines of credit, assistance from family, etc.). Please click on the following link for the application: Undergraduate Grant Application .

      EEB also annually awards the James D. Rising Scholarship in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. This is awarded to a student with financial need and academic merit in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology who is participating in a biology field course. Interested students should contact the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Affairs, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

      Q: How do I withdraw from a field course?

      U of T Field Courses:

      If you wish to cancel a U of T field course at any point, please contact your campus Field Course Coordinator as soon as possible. Please note that if the field course balance has been paid and you are unable to attend, you will be eligible for a refund if the space can be filled.

      OUPFB Field Courses:

      If you have been admitted into a course and later decide to be removed, you should inform your home university's OUPFB Field Course Coordinator (not the instructor of that specific course) as soon as possible.

      OUPFB Field Course Coordinators at U of T:

      U of T St. George: Colleen de Borst-Kerluk, 416-946-8612,

      UTM: Diane Matias, 905-828-3999,

      UTSC: Ivana Stehilk, 416-287-7422 ,

      Remember that the OUPFB deposit you paid is non-refundable unless someone else can be found to take your spot. Please keep in mind that the University cannot guarantee that the spot will be filled and that the deposit will be refunded. The sooner you inform the office you are unable to attend the course, the better the chance of recovering your deposit.

      Q: How do I obtain more information?

      For information contact: