Students enrol in one or more Program(s) of Study (POSts) after theirfirst year (after completing 4.0 full-course equivalents). To graduate,students must complete either one Specialist, two Majors, or one Majorand two Minors. Other degree requirements are described in the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar. To learn more about our Programs of Study, click on the program name from the menu at left.

EEB offers six programs:

  • Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Major
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Specialist
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Major
  • Environmental Biology Major
  • Environmental Biology Minor
  • NUS (National University of Singapore) Biology Minor

EEB also jointly offers four programs:

  • Biology Specialist, Major and Minor (with Cell & Systems Biology) 
  • Genome Biology Major (with Cell & Systems Biology and Molecular Genetics)


- For advising in the EEB and Biology programs consult the EEB Undergraduate Office.

- For advising for the Genome Biology Major program consult the CSB Undergraduate Office.

Please note the following:

  • Students must complete all of the courses required for a given program. Contact the Undergraduate Administrator if you have taken an alternative course that you would like to be considered to meet your program requirements.
  • Please use Degree Explorer Student Website Planner to assess or confirm program requirements. 
  • Also see current Faculty of Arts & Science for Program Requirements Website

  • Before contacting the Undergraduate Office to discuss program requirements, it would be helpful to use the Degree Explorer Planner prior to plan your program.
  • Note: EEB202H1, EEB204H1, EEB206, EEB 208, EEB214H1, EEB215H1 and CSB200Y1 are distribution courses and cannot be used to fulfill requirements for EEB, CSB, and BIO programs.

Discontinued Programs

The following programs were discontinued as of January 2011. Students who enrolled in one of these programs up to and including the 2010/11 academic year can continue in the program; please seek program advice from the EEB undergraduate office regarding how to complete your discontinued program.