EEB's Statement on Departmental Climate, and Moving Forward

In our departmental discussions of achieving excellence in research and teaching, we can often overlook some of the most fundamental ingredients for reaching these goals. A thriving Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology requires an inclusive, welcoming environment free of harassment, discrimination and bullying, where all students, staff and faculty have fair and equitable opportunities to conduct their work and be supported. Success in research and teaching requires a rich, interactive climate that avoids implicit and explicit forms of discrimination.

In order to fully achieve this, we as a department must recognize that our historically ‘passive’ approach to this is not sufficient, for a number of reasons. While the University of Toronto has formal policies and processes to address incidents of harassment and bullying, we cannot simply rely on the institutional processes to foster an inclusive community.  In the absence of an explicit statement of our departmental values and a code of conduct, we have not formalized the values we expect all members of the department to uphold. 

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